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January 07, 2022 2 min read

The art of carving sculptures out of marble dates back to antiquity. In ancient India, most of the temples used marble for making deity statues as well as temple architecture, including ceilings, walls, and window frames. Marble is preferred for making statues due to its translucent nature that allows light to seep through it, giving the figure a humanistic appearance. In addition to this, marble is relatively easy to work with as it is a soft stone, which makes it easier for the artists to render minute details into the sculptures.

We, the Star Murti Museum, came into existence in 1915 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the land known for its marble quarries. Our sole mission is to provide marble sculptures to the entirety of India and the world at an affordable cost, since marble art, at one point in history, was only known to the richest. We offer a wide assortment of marble sculptures and handicrafts that have been hand-carved by our talented artists. To date, we have shipped over 10,000,000 products throughout India and another 50 countries around the world. We are known for the diversity that we offer within each statue type and our best selling product is the ‘Shyam Baba’ Statues.

The marble sculpting process is quite complicated and involves numerous steps. The most important step is the selection of the marble, as it decides the fate of the overall process of the sculpting. When it comes to sculptures, they require marble that is pure white and free from any defects or impurities. That is how we get a blank canvas on which our artisans can work to create a wonderful piece of art.

Marble is a metamorphic rock and has been formed by mother nature over the centuries. Therefore, it is bound to be imperfect in the form of cracks or coloured impurities. It is not a man-made stone, hence its quality is not something that is in our hands. To select marble that is pure white as snow, we personally visit numerous mines to hunt for that perfect block of marble. Our expert team performs a quality check to determine if there are any cracks or any other defects in the block, which can hinder the process of sculpting. Also, we look for marble that has not aged much, as the aged ones tend to be harder to work with and give unsatisfactory results. The last thing that we check before we finalize the marble is its density. A high-density, non-porous marble is preferred for carving as it takes up polish easily. Being in this business for over a century, we can confidently say that we have mastered the art of selecting the perfect marble for our sculptures.

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