Sheshnag (Shesh Shaiya) Marble Statue

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Sheshnag (Shesh Shaiya) Marble Statue

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Material: Makrana White

Dimensions (Height & Length & Width):12 x 9 x 5

Weight:11250 gms

Introducing the realistic Sheshnag (Shesh Shaiya) Marble statue by Markrana White Marble. This exquisite piece showcases sleekly carved details, highlighting its stunning beauty with a smooth, flawless finish. Bring elegance and artistry into your space with this captivating depiction of Sheshnag. In the Hindu religion, the thousand-headed Shesh Nag symbolizes eternity and holds the entire spherical earth on its head. Also, the Shesh Nag is a resting couch for lord Vishnu, who is a part of the Hindu male Trinity(Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma are the other two).